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Irabor Mark AkhimienMy Name is Mr Irabor Mark Akhimien, I have been in the fitness industry for long time. Am a science Technologist with the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan Nigeria, I've been in the Health and fitness industry, management and coaching.
This is a website dedicated to showing individuals how to lose weight and belly fat to achieve the body they have always dreamed of. A revolutionary new Diet and exercise plan focused on sensible eating strategies and simple but effective weight loss exercises to help shift excess weight. If you are looking to remove extra weight from your body, you have come to right place.
We pride ourselves by maintaining a high quality weight loss product of Healthy Meal & Exercise Plan and top support to our client’s needs. A Quality health and beauty products that give you an unprecedented edge in the research and development of innovative products of unrivaled excellence

What makes me different?

My Motivation

My work is my purpose, my driving force. It's the reason I get up every day and do what I do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing me to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.

What makes me different?

My Mission

It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do. That’s why I’m committed to helping more people like you, every day. Everyone has their own story to tell. And so far, mine has been anything but ordinary! I navigated my share of stumbling blocks along the way (especially in the early days). But there was always one constant—the drive to perfect my craft and gain the skills to become a recognized expert in my field. I've never lost my desire to learn and, even now, I'm still honing my strategy with each new challenge. Today, my mission is to help more people like you to lay the groundwork for lasting weight loss success.


What People say About us

With Fat Burn Secret I could see the advantages within the first few days. In total I've dropped 15% body fat, 8 inches and lost 10 lbs. I'm down a dress size and I'm fitting into clothes that wouldn't go near me a few days ago. I feel stronger, fitter and more toned and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Juth Elaine

Manager of Automation

I know that a regular gym is not for me, I have never kept up with past gym memberships, but Mr Irabor creates a environment in which he gently encourages and completely supports me. This has meant that I have stayed long past where I normally would have given up.


Business Officer

I have been coming to Mr Irabor for close on 3 months now. Prior to finding him I had been going to the gym randomly with no clear plan or structure to my training. From day one Mr Irabor clearly identified a set of goals and structure in which to achieve these goals.

Shain Esther

Manager of Automation

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