With plenty of guidance and support, we help you with the very issues that can cause you to struggle time after time with your weight.


The Metabolic Fat Burn Programme - it is significant to know what types of fat should we be cutting back on. Time to look better and feel good like never before!

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Constantly Struggling to Lose Weight?

Unfortunately, losing weight is not always just as simple as cutting down on one’s food intake, exercising more, the weight dropping off and never to return again!
Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, medication, stress, lack of sleep, illness and ageing can all influence your metabolic rate, causing one of more of the following problems:

  • Despite how much you exercise, you can’t lose weight
  • Gaining weight easily but finding it much harder to lose
  • What used to work for losing weight, no longer does
  • Not eating enough to justify the weight you are
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I’ll Show You How To Do It In A Safe And Natural Way, With No Weight-Loss Industry Gimmicks: No Diet Pills, No Crash Diets, And No Powders!

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Because my plans are affordable and my offer payment plans if necessary.


Because my clients lose weight safely. I help them overcome their weight loss challenges.

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My focus is on achieving healthy weight loss with long term effects!

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I am always available for consultation everyday. My mail actively available


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Thank you, Irabor, I feel a new woman. I bought my first pair of jeans in 15 years. Loads of energy and physical/mental well-being.

loose weight
Mrs Grace


I just can't thank you enough Mr Irabor, I am overwhelmed with the success. Last week I introduced a friend who was crying with frustration at not being able to lose her weight. This week, I am in tears with joy and relief at my success.

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Barrister Ruth


Having lost 24lb in three weeks, I am really, really pleased. Not only with losing the weight, but the fact that I am eating much more healthily. No turning back now. Many thanks

Enginner observing
John Shun

Business man

"In just 3 months training with Fat Burn Secrets Revealed I've lost a total of 22lbs, 7% body fat and 30 inches. I've been motivated and encouraged to live a better, healthier lifestyle and I have greatly reaped the rewards of that. I have dropped from a size 16 to somewhere between a size10/12 and my confidence has grown"

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Fat Burn Secrets Revealed

We have a variety of weight loss, options, providing psychological and nutritional support, to help you lose weight.

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Have you ever thought that the way to achieving that ripped athletic legs or that flat tummy is actually not by the Quantity of time you spent in the gym, but by the Quality instead?